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Trump NFT Collection | What This Means For NFT Market?

Former President Donald Trump has announced the release of a personal Trump NFT Collection, featuring artworks from throughout his life and career.

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Just in time for the holidays, Donald Trump introduced a collection of digital trading cards featuring his face on Thursday.

Non-fungible tokens, often known as NFTs, are a type of digital art that is only available online and comes with proof of ownership. For $99, you can purchase one of Trump’s. However, FOMO-driven NFT enthusiasts are willing to pay more than this. The hype and “Hurry up, You’re going to miss out” can make anything sell.

Trump NFT Collection

Many people were perplexed by Trump’s Wednesday “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” tease.

Blockchain and Donald Trump’s Trump Card Collection

Donald Trump, a former US president, introduces his first NFT collection, called Collect Trump Cards.

The introduction of the former US President’s official digital trading card collection was announced today on Truth Social. The 45,000 NFTs in the collection each depict Trump dressed as a different character—Superman, a spaceman, a sheriff, a stock market dealer, a golfer, etc. The President wrote in his article that he wanted each of his cards to be “very much like a baseball card, but hopefully far more exciting” for his supporters and fans.

Trump NFT Collection:

Trump’s NFTs may be bought for $99 each right now on his official website, but it shouldn’t be long before they start to appear on secondary marketplaces like Blur or OpenSea. Fans only need an email address and a credit card to purchase the digital cards on the website; it automatically creates a cryptocurrency wallet for them. Additionally, you can purchase the NFTs and pay with wETH by utilizing MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

Trump NFT buyers instantly qualify for a sweepstakes contest where more than a thousand prizes will be awarded. Among the benefits are a dinner with Trump, a drink at Mar-a-Lago, a one-on-one meeting, the chance to play golf with him, a zoom call, and hand-signed mementos. Additionally, if collectors purchase 45 cards, they will receive a ticket to the Florida Gala Dinner with Trump.

Trump supporters may also participate in the giveaway without purchasing any trade cards. Since the digital cards themselves are not linked to the sweepstakes entries, collectors who purchase the cards on secondary marketplaces are not eligible for prizes. According to the website, Trump’s political campaign would not be funded with the proceeds from trading card sales.

It’s interesting to note that the website variously refers to the trading cards as “NFTs” and “digital collectibles.” Since the term “digital collectible” is not as harshly regarded by general audiences as “NFTs,” a big brand has already used it to describe the technology. But the website is keen to point out that the cards are produced on Polygon, which it characterizes as carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly.

It’s interesting to note that the collection launched three years after Trump claimed he wasn’t a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Each NFT, according to the official website, is created by illustrator Clark Mitchell and costs $99 each. Additionally, the Polygon blockchain is used to create these Trump Digital Trading Cards.

Each NFT comes with an entry into a “Sweepstakes” with specific prizes. Only legal residents of the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 years old, and the 50 states are eligible to enter the Official Donald Trump NFT Collection Sweepstakes.

There are only 45,000 NFTs that can be produced during the Sweepstakes Entry Period, including the 44,000 NFTs that can be bought during that time.

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