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Most Expensive NFTs: Top Artwork Created by Beeple


  • Beeple is one of the most successful NFT sellers, with three items in the top 10 most expensive NFTs.
  • NFTs by Beeple are some of the most expensive digital assets in the world.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are distinctive crypto assets typically representing digital valuables and cryptographic art. The emergence of NFTs increased the demand for digital goods, increasing their value for investors and creators.

In 2021, NFTs experienced exponential growth as tens of thousands of investors flocked to collect digital art in various forms. Even records were broken on some NFT sales. What exactly are NFTs, and why are they valuable?

About NFT

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a distinct piece of information stored on a blockchain that may be connected to digital and physical items to offer an immutable proof of ownership. Avatars, songs, videos, and other digital content can all be linked to the data that makes up an NFT. However, NFTs can grant an owner access to premium goods, tickets to real or virtual events, or be connected to tangible assets like automobiles, yachts, and other things.

Most Expensive NFTs, NFTs by Beeple


In this approach, NFTs enable anyone to quickly verify the creation, purchase, and sale of goods using blockchain technology. However, remember that when you purchase an NFT, you are not purchasing the copyright, intellectual property rights, or commercial rights to any underlying assets unless otherwise stated.


Why are NFTs valuable?

The market’s supply and demand determine the value of an NFT. Evaluation is typically more straightforward when an NFT is made as a physical asset representation. However, the majority of NFTs only exist digitally, on-chain.

Each NFT unit may have a distinct rarity, and each NFT collection has a unique supply. However, a number of additional elements can impact how much an NFT is valued. For instance, limited series NFTs with particular use cases typically have a higher value. The demand for NFTs may also be influenced by the founding team, artists, and the local community.

In other words, an NFT’s value may depend on who produced it, how much it is worth in play-to-win games, or even just how the community and market feel about it. There are many examples of NFT initiatives that have been successful, but there are just as many that have failed. Before trading or investing in NFTs, make sure to DYOR and refrain from using funds that you cannot afford to lose. With the growing popularity of NFTs, especially after the NFTs by Beeple made headlines recently.

People are more curious about the most expensive NFTs and are more concerned. Hence more and more artists want their artwork to be amongst the list of most expensive NFTs. And an easy way to become a millionaire.

Top 10 most expensive NFTs

As long as the world continues to move toward NFT, the worth of these works of art has increased. When we discuss the most expensive NFTs arts, we mean NFTs that have sold for more than $10 million. However, if NFTs become more widely used and accepted, this barrier will increase in the future.

And, as would be reasonable to predict, one artist continues to dominate the NFT. According to a recent report, The Merge has unseated NFTs by Beeple as the holder of the most expensive NFTs ever sold. This is a significant shift in the market, as Beeple had previously held three of the top ten spots on the list. The Merge is a new game developed by Nifty Gateway that allows players to combine different elements to create unique items. Despite being outnumbered by newcomers, Beeple has consistently maintained a place in the list of most expensive NFTs.

Given how quickly the NFT ecosystem is expanding and changing, it is difficult to say. And as time goes on, many new artists make millions of dollars, and an increasing number of celebrities are buying Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for seven figures (and others). Although we cannot predict how much the numbers will increase, we can identify the NFTs that have been selling the best so far. The following is the list of the most expensive NFTs.

Most Expensive NFTs in 2022

  1. The Merge from Pak (USD 91.8 million)

The Merge, which sold for a staggering amount of USD 91 million, is the most expensive NFTs artwork.

On Nifty Gateway, now regarded as the largest NFT sale in history, occurred. Pak developed “The Merge,” an innovative NFT collection, which was introduced on the platform as a part of a two-day sales event.

The Merge was offered an open edition for three days—the opposite of a limited edition. Tokens could be purchased in any quantity, with the cost of each unit starting at US$575, increasing by US$25 every six hours. By the end, the tokens had been sold for US$91,806,519,000,000.

To clarify, Pak’s Merge allegedly has a built-in mechanism for scarcity that ensures that the supply of tokens declines over time. As a result, every transfer of a Merge token merges it with the recipient’s token, adding up the total value to create a single currency.

After this project was released, over 28,000 collectors bought a total of 266,434 units, according to records. Pak is now the most expensive living artist in the world because of this sale.

The NFT community is obviously thrilled with the conclusion and eager to promote digital artworks as legitimate works of art, yet, Pak’s phrase at the top is debatable. Everything depends on how an artwork is defined.

NFTs by Beeple

The Merge is now the most expensive NFT ever sold, surpassing NFTs by Beeple in price. This represents a significant shift in the market, especially as NFTs by Beeple formerly held three of the top ten positions. Despite being outnumbered by newcomers, Beeple has consistently maintained a place in the top 5 spots. The following is the list most expensive NFTs by Beeple.

  1. The First 5000 Days, part of Beeple’s Everyday Series (USD 69 million)

The First 5000 Days is a collection of NFT made by digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple. Winkelmann created 5000 digital artworks for this series, which is a collage.

The Everyday Series was purchased by Indian bitcoin investor Vignesh Sundaresan, commonly known as MetaKovan, for $69 million at Christie’s. Beeple now ranks among the top three most valuable living artists.

Not only was this the most expensive NFT sale at that time, but the event also spread awareness of the word “NFT” throughout the mainstream media. The act of minting, collecting, and selling NFTs was thought of as, at best, a fringe activity before Christie’s decided to take a bet on them through their online auction. However, it became obvious that the time for NFTs had come as Beeple managed to secure the largest bag in all of them, even to Saturday Night Live.


  1. Human One by Beeple (USD 28.9 million)

The “Human One” project is another NFTs by Beeple release that is among the top 5 most expensive NFT sales of all time. This NFT project is a mixed physical and digital work of art that includes the HUMAN ONE, a generative sculpture.

The proposal combines a dynamic NFT with a kinetic video sculpture that can continuously display art and change over time.

A stunning $28.9 million was paid for this masterwork at Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale auction. Ryan Zurrer is the current owner of the Human One piece of art. Additionally, Beeple continues to have creative control and remote access to this work even though the artwork has been sold.

  1. CryptoPunk #5822 by LarvaLabs (USD 23.7 million)

LarvaLabs’ CryptoPunks has been making headlines in the NFT market with a string of big sales. #5822 from the CryptoPunk series broke sales records when it was sold for almost $23.7 million (8,000 ETH).

One of the nine alien punks in the series is CryptoPunk #5822. Additionally, I’m one of the 333 CryptoPunks participating in the NFT initiative and wearing a bandana. Deepak Thapliyal, better known as Deepak. Eth is the CEO of Chain and the buyer of this CryptoPunk. It narrowly missed becoming the most popular NFT at the time of sale by a few million units.


  1. Larvalabs CryptoPunk #7523 (US 11.7 million)

Larvalabs has established itself as one of the most costly NFTs in the world. The second-most expensive “punk” in the collection, CryptoPunk #7523, was sold at a Sotheby’s auction on June 10, 2021, for US$11.75 million. The Alien series in the collection consists of nine items, including #7523.

The bluish-green monster is additionally attired with earrings and a knit cap. Furthermore, it is one of the 175 characters in the collection and the only Alien to wear a medical mask.

According to Reuters, Sotheby’s stated that Israeli businessman Shalom Mackenzie, the largest shareholder in the digital sports company DraftKings, had bought the token. There are many similar CryptoPunk NFTs. But these two are the most expensive NFTs among their types.

Most Expensive NFTs, NFTs by Beeple

Most Expensive NFT sold on Opensea

Ken Bone Punk(1-of-1) is the most expensive NFT sold on Open sea. An iconic moment in internet history, Ken Bone appeared to go viral for no apparent reason. This NFT includes a life-size clay sculpture of Ken Bone and a Ferrari 488 with the Ken Bone logo.

Most Expensive NFTs, NFTs by Beeple



There is no denying that NFTs are gaining popularity, and their sales are consistently breaking records. While the majority of NFTs are merely collectible works of art, more and more NFTs are being made for a variety of purposes. As NFTs develop, we can anticipate seeing more applications and adoptions outside of just digital collectibles, as well as perhaps even larger revenues.


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