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How To Avoid Being a Victim of Virtual Maniacs in the Metaverse?


  • By 2026, 25% of people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse, which opens them up to a myriad of crimes.
  • Taking these simple precautions will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of virtual maniacs in the metaverse.

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About Metaverse

A brand-new virtual world called the metaverse has swept the Internet. Users can explore and engage with digital avatars of other real people in this collaborative, computer-generated environment. The ability to assume different personas, make new friends, and even create their characters may be found in online role-playing games like Second Life and the metaverse sometimes referred to as the virtual reality, virtual universe, or cyber world.

Victim of virtual/digital Maniacs, Virtual maniacs in the metaverse

In many ways, the idea of a metaverse is not brand-new. Virtual worlds with many players online, like Second Life, have been available for about 20 years. Minecraft and Fortnite are two modern equivalents of popular games from the past, which boast hundreds of millions of users and substantial supporting economies.

The concept of a shared, persistent virtual area for gatherings, games, and socializing is the foundation of the metaverse. By 2026, 25% of people, according to Gartner, will spend at least an hour each day in the metaverse. It also indicates more virtual maniacs in the metaverse.

Victim of virtual/digital Maniacs, Virtual maniacs in the metaverse

Metaverse not a safe place for all

The proponents of the metaverse envision us roaming between various and interoperable virtual worlds, bringing our avatars and digital assets with us. This is made possible by advancements in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, NFTs, and blockchain.

It is unclear whether blockchain-based technology will play a significant role in the metaverse infrastructure; foes of both Web 3.0 and blockchain have openly expressed their concerns, and even industry giants like the Microsoft-owned game Minecraft have stated that they oppose both the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. The company’s values of creative inclusivity and non-alignment with Minecraft were noted, along with the danger of fraud and other security problems related to the metaverse.

The metaverse will be built from a variety of technologies that will come together as building blocks, each with its own set of dangers regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Scams, impersonation, credential theft, technological debt, social engineering, espionage, vulnerabilities, and misinformation are just a few examples of the security issues that will follow us into the metaverse. They might potentially cause greater harm.

Let’s examine the most alarming of them in more detail and determine how to make metaverses a safer place for all of us from virtual maniacs in the metaverse.

Crimes will continue

The majority of people believe that the threat they face inside a metaverse is similar to Agent Smith from The Matrix, a real psychopath who terrorises their existence in a virtual environment. However, the reality is far different.

Although you should be ready for common crimes like fraud, internet trespassing, harassment, and assault, these crimes will actually be performed by some people who are cruel, not by antagonists from movies. Virtual maniacs in the metaverse are always seeking crimes like these.

There is no specific reason to think that internet users, who utilize websites and social media platforms to carry out horrific deeds, will suddenly stop once they enter a metaverse.

There will undoubtedly be many disputes based on factors like gender, color, religion, politics, etc., which could be harmful to the mental health of those living in the metaverse. 

Hardware problems

The high degree of reliance on hardware is one of the main issues with the metaverse. Virtual worlds are meant to be actively engaged with, as opposed to merely being observed, as is the case with the traditional internet.

Without various external digital tools like VR headsets, a metaverse cannot exist or function. They typically act as a point of entry for hackers to get access to vulnerable devices.

Attackers can snoop on you using the virtual reality program, which has potentially significant repercussions. Without the users’ knowledge or consent, hackers have occasionally been able to listen in on people inside a virtual room. In addition, they are able to gather biometric data, which is the main objective of virtual maniacs in the metaverse.

These gadgets’ data can be used against users if they are attacked. You run the very real chance of being the victim of virtual maniacs in the metaverse including extortion and blackmail.

Privacy Concerns

Last but not least, much more personal information about participants will be gathered than is currently available on the most popular social media sites, which is the main objective of virtual maniacs in the metaverse.

We are all aware of instances in which tech giants have sold user information to governments, and it is vital that we are all aware that metaverse platforms will be able to follow users in an incredibly intimate manner, which is a very solid reason why you should be concerned about your data.

While you are having a memorable time in the virtual world, companies will be able to keep an eye on all of your biometric information as well as physiological responses, such as body movements, facial expressions, and vocal inflections.

This is essentially a coin with two sides. Companies may target a person with particularly well-tailored adverts that could actually be quite helpful to them when they have the ability to better understand that person’s behavior. However, this is a little unsettling.

Imagine not having to answer the Netflix app’s question about whether you are still viewing a particular movie since it will be certain that you are not.

Ways to avoid becoming victims of virtual Maniacs in the Metaverse

Following are the ways to make metaverses a safer place for all of us:

  • What you can do is restrict your virtual world social circle to acquaintances and those you already have a relationship with. One may argue that the metaverse was actually developed to bring together global communities and allow users to engage in novel experiences without having to travel.
  • This is true, but it doesn’t really imply that you shouldn’t establish new relationships with users who can benefit you both or with others who have interests similar to yours. Just be cautious in the virtual world environment and steer clear of potential conflict scenarios. That is the first way to avoid being a victim of virtual maniacs in the metaverse.  
  • Be sure to only buy these kinds of gadgets from reputable manufacturers who employ premium solutions and stringent security standards. By engaging in these simple measures, you will significantly lower your risk of falling victim to cybercrime.
  • It is advised that you make your own decision regarding whether you are willing to share your personal information in order to take advantage of all the metaverse’s advancements.
  • The global community should also insist on a promise from metaverse platforms that their personal data would never be sold to outside companies.


Right now, no one can clearly define what the metaverse will ultimately become. This new invention has the ability to build new economies and foster deep and meaningful connections among people everywhere. But, you should take steps to avoid being a victim of virtual maniacs in the metaverse. 

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, predicted that “we’ll be able to feel present – like we’re right there with others no matter how far off we actually are” on the metaverse’s future.

The top international development teams are expected to work together to address the most important problems relating to user privacy and security. Hopefully, they’ll come up with a solution soon so that eager tech fans may access the captivating metaverse virtual environment.

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